A.P. Benson Roofing & Building Limited’s Guide to When to Repair, or Replace Your Roof

Catching roofing problems early mean that cost effective roof repairs can be made – here’s our guide to when to repair, or replace your roof!

Signs that your roof needs to be repaired

A roof replacement will be costly and can cause disruption, so if you can maintain your roof with timely repairs, you will extend the life of your roof and save money in the long run.

Signs that your roof may need to be repaired include:
· Cracked, loose or missing roof tiles
· Discoloration, moss or mould growth. This could indicate that part of the roof is rotting
· Visible sunlight in the loft. This could mean that there are cracks or holes in the roof
· Damaged flashing or flashing that is separating from the rest of the roof. Flashing is the material around protruding roof objects like chimneys and vents and seals the gaps in your roof. Loose flashing can result in water leaking into ceilings or walls, which can cause serious damage if left unrepaired.
· Damaged ridges. If a ridge is in poor condition this can lead to damage of the whole roof if unrepaired.
It is important to note that these signs may indicate extensive damage that cannot be repaired. In extreme or serious situations, when damage has been left or spread across a major section of the roof it is more likely that a roof replacement may be necessary.
Small roof repairs and maintenance can be dealt with quickly however they are easily overlooked and can become worse over time. It’s essential to ensure any roofing issues are nipped in the bud as soon as possible. Contact a professional, reputable roofing company to conduct a roof survey so that you have a clear idea of the issues. Repair jobs can often be fairly simple, but should always be completed by a professional roofer to avoid injury and further roof damage.
We offer all aspects of roof maintenance and roofing repairs across Surrey to ensure your roof stays in tip-to condition, click here to view our extensive range of roofing services.

Signs that your roof needs to be replaced

Whilst a roof replacement is a big expense, leaving a weakened or inefficient roof in place could lead to structural damage to the remainder of your home and also be dangerous.

Indicators that your roof should be replaced include:
· Roof sagging. The ridge of your pitched roof should be a straight line. If not it could indicate structural damage, which could result in roof collapse.
· Serious leaks when it rains or when snow accumulates on your roof in the winter, resulting in water damage.
· Objects fallen through or onto the roof which have weakened the roof or damaged its structure
· Slate roof: flaking or delamination of tiles, or powdering on the undersides of tiles. If you notice either of these issues then it is time to fully replace the roof as the slate has deteriorated and is too porous to be effective.
· Concrete roof: sedimentary deposits of the cement tiles have built up in the surrounding gutter system. This occurs when the surface of concrete tiles has been ‘oxidised’ whereby it turns to powder and is eroded by wind and rain. This indicates a weakness in the tiles which can lead to significant structural damage.

If the damage is more significant but confined to one side of the roof it’s possible to replace a section. However, it’s wise to consider doing the entire job while the roofers are on-site with scaffolding, ladders, and equipment as it will likely be less expensive than doing one part now and the remainder in a few years.

If you notice any of these issues with your roof you must call in a professional Roofing Contractor to assess any damage and schedule in remedial works. Here at A P Benson Roofing & Building, we are proud to be among the top roofing companies servicing the county of Surrey. Working from our main office in Guildford, we have spent over 40 years building up an enviable reputation in the region for the quality of our expert team of roofers. Call us today on 01483 760 444 or click here to speak to a member of our friendly team, who will be happy to arrange an inspection of your roof, prior to you receiving your free, no-obligation quote.

We are also BS EN- ISO 9001 :2022 Quality Systems Registered and are a member of Constructionline & Guild of Master Craftsmen. Local Authority Approved for Roofing Building & Maintenance work, carrying full Public Liability Insurance. A full Health & Safety policy is in place, regularly reviewed.

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