10 Fascinating Facts about Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are becoming increasingly popular for good reason. Modern technology is making them more durable, sustainable, leak-proof, and stylish than ever, so we’re seeing more of our roofing client’s across Surrey opting for flat roofs.

A.P. Benson Roofing & Building have been installing and repairing roofs across the Surrey region for over 40 years so it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about flat roofs, to say the least! If you’re considering a flat roof for your property, or just weighing up your options, here are ten fascinating facts that you may not have known about flat roofs:

Flat Roofs Are Energy Efficient
Flat roof materials are reflective and light, which helps to reflect heat and keep your building cool in summer. They are also insulated, providing greater energy efficiency in winter.

Flat Roofs are Not Completely Flat!
While flatter than standard roofs, flat roofs are not entirely flat. They require a slight slope to enable rainwater to run off, preventing it from accumulating on the roof.

Flat Roofs Should Be Installed and Repaired by Professionals
Flat roofs should always be designed, installed, and repaired by experienced flat roof experts to prevent leaks. Some roofing installers may not have the necessary experience to ensure that the flat roof is built to last.  We have been trading continuously since 1980, delivering flat roof repairs and installations across Surrey. Thanks to over a century of combined experience, our team of roofers bring a level of expertise to each job that is unmatched in the county.

Bird Droppings Are a Major Cause of Damage
Bird droppings are acidic, which can damage flat roofs and cause unsightly spots. Preventing birds from flocking to your roof is essential to avoid additional damage.

Flat Roofs Can Be Insulated
Contrary to popular belief, flat roofs can have insulation, and there are various solutions to improve insulation levels. If you are not sure about your options, the experienced and skilled team at A. P. Benson Roofing & Building Limited will be happy to talk through the materials available.

Flat Roofs Are Popular in Commercial Buildings
Due to their energy-efficient features, flat roofs are a popular option for many commercial buildings. Rooftop spaces are used to store HVAC machines, keeping them out of sight yet accessible.

There are 3 Common Types of Flat Roof
The most common categories of flat roof materials available for your home are:

  • Single-layer membrane roof
  • Modified bitumen roof
  • Built-up roof (BUR)

Again, if you are not sure about what type to go for, our roofing team will be happy to talk through your options.

With Proper Maintenance, Flat Roofs Can Last Over 20 Years
With regular inspection and maintenance, flat roofs can last for over two decades, and spotting small leaks early can save you time and money in the long run.

Flat Roofs Are an Affordable Option
Flat roof installation costs vary depending on factors such as materials, roof size, complexity, and location. However, generally speaking, flat roof installations are often less expensive than many would expect.

In conclusion, flat roofs offer numerous benefits and have come a long way in terms of durability and style. It’s important to understand the facts and misconceptions surrounding flat roofs before making a decision.

From our Guildford office, through Woking, Haslemere and Chobham to Godalming and Farnham, we have a reputation for excellence and professionalism that sets us ahead of other roofing companies in Surrey.  Take a look at our verified feedback here.

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